Hand In Day

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Since today is hand in day i thought i would evaluate my progress in the module.

I like my flash slideshow alot and although my project changed alot over the module i think the new message was much more personal and i like my pictures more.


I don’t think i quite got the hang of dreamweaver. I found it very difficult and there would be things i learn in class and do over and over but then i just forget the next time i try. 

But all in all this was a module i enjoyed a great deal. The lectures were always interesting and discovery of the waybackmachine on archive.org



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My Final Artifact is based on Convergent Media in virtual worlds. When i was told that in secondlife there were no old people, no unattractive people, no bad weather, not dirt, no graffiti. A squeaky clean “ideal world” i realised i was being told about a totally different secondlife to the one i knew. My Photo slideshow is about how i use and see it.

Video Now on YouTube

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Second Life

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Last week’s lecture on Secondlife really interested me alot.

I have been using secondlife for almost a year now.

I like to think of it as a customisable online videogame.

I made this today


2nd March

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Tomorrow we are going to be taught some web design techniques using flash. As i have used the program before i am hoping this will be a good opportunity to learn a little more of dreamweaver as i will already know some of the tools in flash.

I will wait and see how it goes.


On the topic of convergent media i was researching some of the ways youtube users have gotten famous and why its so difficult to get views and subscribers for videos these days and i have come to this final conclusion.

Luck. All of the biggest youtube celebrities started vlogging when the site was new and their wasnt any alternative. Viewers found them because they were the only choice they had. Now if you want to make it big on youtube you either have to be a comedy genius with tonnes of money and top of the range equipment or a mentally handycapped child who people can laugh at. Viral video is dying. We don’t get anything new anymore.

But why? What do you mean? I will tell you, its because the average youtube viewer personality these days seems to always be

A. Racist – I can’t tell you how many racist comments i read every day on popular videos


B. Psychotic – I read an entire conversation in a comments section of a video a few days ago about why all animals should be brutally destroyed and the apparant thrill of strangling geese.


C. Sexist – Any video with a girl in it will almost be garenteed to recieve one or all of the following comments “take your top off”, “could be hotter”, “wat a slag”, ” i want her to…..” You get the idea


D. Pedophiliac – What’s the current obsession with “Lazy Town”s “Stephanie”? Not a month goes by that i don’t get links sent to me or posted on my youtube profile comments directing me to “crotch shot” videos. 


E. Full of Hatred – Need i even explain this one? Yes? Well here is one genuine comment i found while typing this

“Jews deserved it. They ruin everything. Too bad the man couldn’t get all of them.” – ecoasian


F: Tourettes – Here is one comment i found on a video. (Censored)

“your mindless f*ck head. el oh el” – spimping

This comment was replied to with this “my mindless f*ck head? where?”


G. FIRST – Phirst, first, fist, its all the same. These pathetic people troll around the internet looking for articles they think will be popular and always post the same comment. FIRST! Everybody hates them and they might possibly be the cause of the problems above.



With people like this populating our message boards, video sites and news blogs what is there to look forward to?

The apocalypse maybe?

Website Design

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As i begin to use Dreamweaver for the first time i realise just how much work goes into creating a professional website. Before coming to university the only website production programs i had used were Microsoft Frontpage and Flash (MX 2004 through CS3) which i found to be alot easier to use. I am hoping that Dreamweaver CS4 is slightly more user friendly.

I started practising in Dreamweaver by making a CyberDyne systems homepage from “The Terminator” franchise. I then realised that i was supposed to connect it to my previous artifact so i created another basic homepage with the embedded video along with a long explaination of the message i was trying to convey. Some people got the message immediately while others found it more difficult.

Hopefully this is a problem i can avoid next time.

Practice Piece (112MC)

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We were supposed to do this as a simple photo slideshow but i prefer to hear music when watching slideshows so here is mine but as a youtube video